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Hello! We are Neil, Mike and Leigh – makers of Chewing the Cud.

We make a 44-minute, weekly show featuring the latest in showbiz news, social media trends and then chew the cud with a guest – all from an LGBTQ+ perspective. We try to get interesting guests in every week, whether they run a social group, a drag night, are a musician, or perhaps someone who just has an interesting life. It gets on community TV channels in Brighton, Belfast and Sheffield but we don’t get paid for that! We also make a podcast version which earns a tiny amount through adverts played.

We’ve been making our show from the 4th floor of Islington Mill in Salford, Manchester – a beautiful old cotton mill which caters for creative types. We love the atmosphere it gives the show.

Now that we’ve got a year under our belt and we’re comfortable with making the show, we find ourselves wanting to go further with better technology. It costs a lot for rent, quality cameras, microphones, lighting and other equipment to make a show of the standard we would like. Not to mention the running costs and electricity, internet… and so on. So far, the cheap, domestic equipment we’re using has been pushed to its limits and that’s showing in the programmes.
That’s where we were hoping you could give us some help?

If you’d be generous enough to give us an affordable donation each month, we’d be able to upgrade to professional equipment and premises to make the show look and feel like something you’d see on TV – without technical errors appearing because of what we’re currently using.

We spent all our money just getting us this far, and it’s not enough! Without the backing of a TV network, publisher or other major sponsor, we’ll be stuck at this point. Studios, pro cameras, lights, microphones and streaming equipment don’t come cheap. To do it well, you need quality kit.

In return, you’ll get access to exclusive video content:

  • Outtakes!
  • Behind the scenes clips
  • Bits we couldn’t fit in the show

So here we are. Please become a Chewing the Cud patron!

Donate to us via our Patreon account: