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John Spencer-Barnes is a radio broadcaster and journalist for the BBC. He was born in Dudley in 1961.
“I’m the BBC’s man in Lancaster & Morecambe Bay. I’m also National Communications Officer at the Maritime Volunteer Service. I dance the Morris with the Royal Preston Morris Dancers & play the melodeon.”
John began as a freelance broadcaster at BRMB in Birmingham and has since worked at many radio stations around the UK. While at Rock FM, he co-ordinated the award winning EMAP Radio response to the IRA bombing of Manchester. The bomb had taken Manchester’s Key 103 and Piccadilly Magic 1152 off air. He arranged an emergency news service for the Manchester stations and a replacement radio service from a studio in Preston.
More recently at the BBC, John is the presenter of the Late Show on Radios Lancs & Manchester, and is now the BBC reporter for Lancaster and Morecambe Bay.
John has always had an interest in anything nautical and is now a Director in the Maritime Volunteer Service and the Head of Communications for the organisation. He’s also Trustee of the search and rescue charity, Bay Search & Rescue.
He is the new “Bell Man” for Lytham St. Anne’s, recently fitted for his Town Crier robes.
John has lived in North Lancashire for the last 20 years with his husband, David.

Yvy DeLuca is an Indian, trans author whose autobiography has just been published. “Tainted Beauty” is a no-holds-barred account of her entire journey and how she came to be the person she is today. She doesn’t mince her words at all and discusses topics such as childhood, experiencing gay culture, and her transition in the early 2000s. She also talks about subjects such as sex and pleasure, connecting with her body, relationships, and learning what it means to live as an authentic creation.

Yvy wrote the book when she was going through renal failure back in 2015. She found herself wanting to write a book that she would have wanted to read when she was going through her transition. She was passionate to tell her story so that people can see the joys of being trans and not just the struggles they face.

Yvy is passionate about representation of Indian trans people, and the taboos of being trans and from a Muslim culture. She is keen to state the difference between being Indian and being Muslim. Yvy is not Muslim, but still believes she can represent the Queer Indian community.


Chris Park is a freelance writer who’s had over 100 articles published for websites like Northern Soul, Canal Street Online, Film Daily and Unlock MCR. He writes about everything from books to travel, and from dating to movies. He reviews the shows and interviews the stars.

Chris is a huge Madonna fan and would love to interview her, even though she has a reputation for cutting journalists down with ease!

He’s interviewed a wide variety of well-known people including Bjorn Again. designer Wayne Hemmingway, Craig Charles, Howard Jones, Jinx Monsoon & Peaches Christ, and Tony Hadley.

He once met Bet Lynch in a bathroom showroom, interviewed Elaine Paige whilst ignoring a fire drill and discussed buffet standards with Nicky Butt – so you could say he’s adaptable.

Chris divides his time between the beautiful Hebden Bridge and the city of Manchester.


Ross Alexander has spent 25 years as a DJ, and record producer. He’s now an artist in his own right, making Neo-romantic music – a modern take on the ‘New Romantics’ era – adding his own futuristic twist.

His 2015 single ‘Brand New Lover,’ a twist on the 1986 Dead or Alive hit, reached Number 2 in the Eurodance chart. Pete Burns didn’t dislike Ross’s version.

A Pledge Music campaign resulted in the release of his debut album ‘Glitter & Twisted’ which was released Feb 12th 2018.

In September 2018 was his infamous audition on the X Factor. It was brutally re-edited and Ross hit the headlines for his retort to Robbie Williams’s wife and fellow judge Ayda Williams.

In 2019, Ross is back in the studio to record his second album – ‘DiscoDrama.’ It will feature his new single “Temptation” which has already reached the number 1 slot on the Eurodance chart.

rossalexander.net  @djrossalexander

Matthew Holmes is a Manchester lad who never really grew out of his inquisitive phase. He spends his time exploring the lengths and depths of Britain to find abandoned and derelict buildings frozen in time.

A business owner by day, Matthew will spot a building that takes his fancy online or simply from walking past it. He’ll then scout out the premises to assess danger and security levels before returning home to swot up and plan his visit properly.

How does he get permission? Well, he doesn’t. But he never breaks and enters and instead takes the opportunity of an open window or an open door instead. And he is not opposed to climbing walls or shimmying up a drain pipe or two. He’s only been caught twice. Luckily on both occasions, he avoided trouble.

Matthew is passionate about saving Manchester’s abandoned buildings.